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“Unique and gorgeous quality to her voice, a great singer-songwriter” Ed Smith Today FM

“There is something of a Kate Bush ring to her singing, haunting and rich…. this is what I'd label as Winter music, by the fire and wrapped in woollens while contemplating our next move.” Mp3hugger Music Blog


Tracy released her debut EP ‘The Fallen’ in February 2020.  Her debut single ‘Sit With Me’ received national airplay and generous laudits from well-known Irish radio personalities. 

"The Fallen EP is stunning. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple....each song better than the last" - Ed Smith, TodayFM

"If Carlsberg did debut singles.... 'Sit With Me' is a winner"  Claremorris Folk Festival

More recently, Tracy has been working in collaboration with Belfast based producer and musician, Michael Mormecha. Tracy's new single, Caves is the first in a series of releases from the pair. The result of this partnership is a dark, unique and original piece of musicianship and artistry that serves to enthral, unsettle, move and beguile the listener. Poetic and insightful lyrics with threads of love, exploration, loss and hope combine with Mormecha’s production genius to weave a rich and intriguing tapestry of sound which captures the attention of the audience and holds it. Caves is ultimately about delving into the unknown and often dark parts within ourselves, overcoming challenges, facing fears and consequently finding meaning, hope and a place in the world.


New Single
Coming February 9th!

Pre-save HERE


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The Fallen EP

Debut EP Released 28/02/20

"Stunning. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple....each song better than the last" 

 - Ed Smith, Today FM  

"Oodles of character, wonderful and emotional, 'The Fallen' is a superb piece of musicianship"
- Indie Bubble

The Fallen EP Tracy Gallagher



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